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Dry eye treatment



Dry eye syndrome is a chronic disease and is usually progressive. In most cases, the dry eye can be controlled successfully and the result is an obvious greater comfort for the eye, fewer symptoms, and sometimes sharper vision. Depending on its cause and severity it may be that the treatment is for a lifetime.

Since dry eye syndrome can have several causes, several treatment methods are used.

Below you will find the list of treatments that visual health professionals use to reduce the signs and symptoms of dry eye. Your provider may recommend only one of these dry eye treatments or a combination of several treatments depending on the cause and severity of your condition.

In addition, before starting treatment for dry eye, some providers will ask you to complete a questionnaire about the symptoms you have. Your responses to that survey are used as reference values. After several weeks of treatment, you may be given the survey again to assess the effectiveness of the chosen treatment method.

In order for the dry eye treatment to be successful, it requires that the person is in a position to follow the doctor’s recommendations and use the products that the doctor recommends constantly and as often as directed.

Artificial tears

For mild cases of dry eye due to computer use, reading, schoolwork, and other exogenous causes, the best treatment is to simply use artificial tears or other lubricating eye drops frequently.

There are many brands of artificial tears that are sold without a prescription. There is no lack of product availability, what is a challenge is to choose between a large number of brands and formulations available.

Artificial tears and other non-prescription eye lubricant drops (OTC) are available with varied ingredients and viscosities (thicknesses).

Artificial tears with low viscosity are light and watery. Often, they provide quick relief and hardly produce blurred vision when applied. Since its calming effect is very brief, it should be used very often to relieve dry eye effectively.

On the other hand, artificial tears that have a high viscosity are more jelly-like and provide long-lasting lubrication.

However, many times these drops cause a noticeable blurred vision for several minutes immediately after applying them and that is why they are not a good option if they have to be used during the workday or when you need to have clear eyesight immediately to perform tasks such as driving a car, for example. It is best recommended to use them only at bedtime.

It should also be borne in mind that the ingredients of certain brands of artificial tears determine which type of dry eye condition they are best suited to. For example, there are brands that work best for dry eye with insufficient aqueous humor, while other brands are more effective for the condition of evaporative dry eye.

If your eye care professional recommends that you use one or more brands or formulations of artificial tears, be sure to follow the instructions you give about when and how often you should use them. Also, do not substitute the brand that your provider has recommended for a different one. Using a different brand or several brands of artificial tears will make it difficult to assess the success of the treatment that the doctor recommended for dry eye.

Study reveals that operating rooms have an atmosphere conducive to dry eye

September 2016 – Dry eye affects approximately 10-20% of the population and the majority of people suffering from the condition are over 50 years old.

If you work in a ‘clean room’ environment, such as in an operating room, the risk is even greater: up to 56%. This is reported by a new study that evaluated the frequency of dry eye among residents of surgical specialties of only an average age of 27.8 years.

The clinician knows that activities that decrease the frequency of blinking increase the prevalence of dry eye syndrome. For example, spending many hours in front of the computer screen is a well-proven risk factor for dry eye.

However, the use of digital devices is not the only activity that reduces the frequency of flickering and causes dry eye syndrome. A study conducted at the National Medical Center of the West (Mexico) concluded that residents of surgical specialties are also exposed to risk factors, including the decrease in the frequency of flickering, which causes damage to the surface of the eye.

As the study explains, operating rooms are closed environments with artificial ventilation, where doctors and other team members carry out activities that require intense concentration and fixation on details, such as the use of the microscope.

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Your development company for iPad and iPhone




The emergence of smartphones and tablets has been a before and after in the design of software applications for the consumer on foot. When we think about how the landscape of mobile devices has changed in recent years, it is inevitable to think of Apple. This company revolutionized the world of telephony back in 2007 and with it the concept of mobile application development. With the creation of the iPhone, the phone is endowed with an essential feature that it lacked until then: an attractive and, above all, intuitive user interface. This feature will ensure that in a short time a large mass of users starts using smartphones and tablets to the detriment of PC software.

Since this date, mobile devices have become an important work tool, if not promotional. It allows us to use apps that make everyday tasks easier at any time. At present, when facing the development of an application, it is essential to think about its version for mobiles and tablets specially designed for iPad and iPhone systems, as they are the leading devices in their sector. For this purpose, it is essential to have a specialized iOS development company such as Tomcat.

Choose an experienced iPad development company

Benefits of developing an application for iPad or iPhone

In Tomcat we advise you when developing your projects for iPad or iPhone. If you need the services of a development company for iOS, do not hesitate and contact us. Our consultants will work closely with you to carry out your projects for mobile devices and tablets in the most economical and efficient way. Enjoy all the advantages offered by iPhone and iPad devices:

•             Attractive design. It is one of the most important and differentiating elements of Apple devices. In Totem cat we take advantage of the range of possibilities offered by the interface and design of iPhone and iPad devices, creating attractive applications for users.

•             The most avant-garde technology. The combination of the iOS operating system and Apple devices is perfect. Both are designed specifically for each other. This allows us to make intensive use of the hardware and operating system of Apple’s smartphones and tablets.

•             Easy adaptation for different devices. Thanks to the similarity of hardware between Apple terminals, it is easier to adapt applications simultaneously for devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. By offering your application to a greater number of terminals, we opt for a wider audience for our products. In Totem cat we adapt your application for any iOS terminal, keeping the user experience regardless of where they run.

•             Development Efficiency Save time and money developing your application for iOS systems. With the power of Apple devices, cross-platform adaptation and the ease of distributing your app through the Apple Store, we shape your projects with less time and cost compared to other platforms.

•             Benefit from the advantages offered by the leading devices in the market by developing your iPhone and iPad applications.

Professional and creative at your service

If you need a solid product approach with well-structured development phases. Good planning and project management are essential to successfully complete your application. To achieve this, Totem cat offers you an advisory and development team to face all the phases of creating your iPad application. As a development company for iPad and iPhone, we have engineers specialized in the iOS system, who will advise you in all phases of creating your application. Enjoy all the advantages that iPad and iPhone devices offer you:

•             Project study and comprehensive advice. In Totem cat we have specialists in each of the cycles of creating an app. We advise you to obtain a product adapted to your needs, and that provides added value for your business or company. Our team analyzes your project thoroughly, identifying its key points and maximizing its potential.

•             Custom design. We are lovers of standardized products, and we know that a custom suit always feels good. Our clients receive personalized treatment, looking for original and personal results.

•             Development and programming of quality software. We have extensive experience in creating applications for mobile devices. This experience gives us the possibility of offering quality applications to all our customers.

•             Corrective and evolutionary maintenance. We take care of maintaining your application once it is available in the market, incorporating user feedback and updating the software over time.

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The eight trends in men’s fashion for this 2019 that we will all look for




If you are looking for news in your closet but you are still not clear on what trends in men’s fashion to bet, stay tuned. We have taken the pulse of fashion shows, and what fashion insiders wear in the fashion weeks to see how to move what they wear to the street style. This 2019 we will not stop seeing these trends everywhere.
Dare with very short shorts
Forget the shorts, the pirate pants (if you did not forget them in 2010), and the shorts, the good weather invites to wear legs with very short shorts that are combined with shirts, polo shirts, raincoats and even with blazers. One recommendation: change your gym routine and add more leg work.
Khaki color will become your favorite
A color that periodically becomes fashionable again. That green moss is the easiest tone to combine of the season, and wearing it in total look in a suit or combined with camel is the best idea. One recommendation: renew your cargo pants with this tone to achieve a simple military style.
If you wear a jacket, let it be double-breasted
The suits with the double-breasted jacket is a must spring 2019, instead of structured suits, looking for something casual, little big, broad fluids and tissues. One recommendation: wear your jacket open.
The shirts will be the new protagonists of the looks
Look for shirts with originals:

with a different pattern on necks and cuffs, without buttons, in the kimono style, or with buttons that serve more decoration than to fasten the shirt. One recommendation: bet on the eternal white shirt.
Coordinate your looks
The pants go together with jackets and shirts, especially if they are printed. Practice the total look and it will be much easier to dress in the mornings. One recommendation: if you bet on prints, keep the minimal style accessories.

Surf (urban)
No matter if you like to catch waves or not, the surf and beach style returns with tie-dye shirts, printed shorts, tropical prints, and t-shirts with red fabric. One recommendation: don’t be shy and bet on prints.
Travel back in time to 90 (and rave parties)
The sporty style that has taken so much in recent seasons now looks with neon colors, oversize garments and a look that seems taken from a rave party. One recommendation: if this style seems too much for you, just find a cool shirt and wear wide sweatpants.

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The most beneficial fruits for health




Eating fruit is essential for our health; there is no doubt about that. The fruit is part of what should be a healthy and balanced food pyramid. Both at breakfast, mid-morning, or as a mid-afternoon snack. Eating natural fruits should be essential in our diet, but which are the most beneficial fruits for health?

We must consume fruit since it is a source rich in vitamins, minerals and many of them with high antioxidant properties that protect our cells from anticancer agents. Each fruit is good for a specific organ or to help the correct functioning of some part of our body but if we had to choose which natural fruits are the most beneficial for health, which ones would we keep?

Natural fruits to preserve all the properties

One thing must be clear: the best will always be to consume natural fruits in order to make the most of all the properties that they have. Sometimes, treating these fruits or something as simple as peeling them can eliminate their important benefits. The more natural the fruits we eat, the better.

Among the most beneficial fruits for health are cherries, rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K and a great source of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sulfur. But if we talk about vitamins, we cannot leave the kiwi aside; its phytonutrients make it a protective food against respiratory diseases and heart diseases, it is also rich in vitamin C and fiber.

The strawberry is one of the most beneficial health natural fruit. In fact, eating 6 a day, for example, helps to significantly reduce the chances of developing cancer. They also help lower blood pressure. The cranberries are rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids that stimulate the immune system. While pomegranate helps the health of our epidermis thanks to the regeneration of skin cells and slowing aging.

Fruits that should not be missing in your diet

Among the natural fruits that should not be missing in your diet is watermelon, highly refreshing that reduces tension and prevents us from strokes and heart attacks. The grapefruit is one of the most beneficial for health to be a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, and flavonoids that protect our eyes fruits. The Papaya has a high amount of digestive enzymes also reduces inflammation and accelerates healing of burns and wounds. And last but not least the consumption of another natural fruit such as pineapple is vital. It has a high content of bromeliad, an enzyme that helps fight cancer cells and various types of infections.

In the next post, we talk about one of our favorite fruit toppings. Do not miss it!

How much natural fruit to consume

Until recently the general idea was that to enjoy a healthy life we had to consume five daily servings of fruits and vegetables. However, according to a recent study conducted by Imperial College London, this figure rises to 10. Or what is the same daily intake of 800 grams of fruit and vegetables can prevent 7.8 million premature deaths in the world a year.

Eating natural fruit can help reduce the chance of heart disease, 33% of stroke, or 28% of cardiovascular disease by 24%.

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