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The eight trends in men’s fashion for this 2019 that we will all look for



If you are looking for news in your closet but you are still not clear on what trends in men’s fashion to bet, stay tuned. We have taken the pulse of fashion shows, and what fashion insiders wear in the fashion weeks to see how to move what they wear to the street style. This 2019 we will not stop seeing these trends everywhere.
Dare with very short shorts
Forget the shorts, the pirate pants (if you did not forget them in 2010), and the shorts, the good weather invites to wear legs with very short shorts that are combined with shirts, polo shirts, raincoats and even with blazers. One recommendation: change your gym routine and add more leg work.
Khaki color will become your favorite
A color that periodically becomes fashionable again. That green moss is the easiest tone to combine of the season, and wearing it in total look in a suit or combined with camel is the best idea. One recommendation: renew your cargo pants with this tone to achieve a simple military style.
If you wear a jacket, let it be double-breasted
The suits with the double-breasted jacket is a must spring 2019, instead of structured suits, looking for something casual, little big, broad fluids and tissues. One recommendation: wear your jacket open.
The shirts will be the new protagonists of the looks
Look for shirts with originals:

with a different pattern on necks and cuffs, without buttons, in the kimono style, or with buttons that serve more decoration than to fasten the shirt. One recommendation: bet on the eternal white shirt.
Coordinate your looks
The pants go together with jackets and shirts, especially if they are printed. Practice the total look and it will be much easier to dress in the mornings. One recommendation: if you bet on prints, keep the minimal style accessories.

Surf (urban)
No matter if you like to catch waves or not, the surf and beach style returns with tie-dye shirts, printed shorts, tropical prints, and t-shirts with red fabric. One recommendation: don’t be shy and bet on prints.
Travel back in time to 90 (and rave parties)
The sporty style that has taken so much in recent seasons now looks with neon colors, oversize garments and a look that seems taken from a rave party. One recommendation: if this style seems too much for you, just find a cool shirt and wear wide sweatpants.

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The 10 fashion trends of 2019




Are you a list of ‘New Year’s resolutions’ by these dates? To us, what we are really passionate about is listing all those trends that, after many hours of street style and parades have seen, we said we would never wear and now we are enchanted. Because, there is nothing more exciting than trying a new silhouette, wearing an unexpected color or daring with a daring trend. Here are our favorites for 2019 full of fashion:
1 The eighties minidress
With volumes on the sleeves, long mini, and some draping. The excess of the 80s, but reversed so ‘cool’ that even the Nordics like them (so simple they). It is presented as the best option for Christmas looks.
2 male pants
It is the pants that are ravaging among the most expert in fashion; tight and high waist, wide at the leg and narrow at the ankle. Its difficulty is proportional to the appetite that results in any style.
3 The reign of the cardigan
so basic and so deep in the closet, has resurfaced from oblivion and is now buttoned and closed, directly on the skin or top lingerie and with high-waisted jeans. The culprits of his return? The French and their allure naturel.
4 cakes
Like every spring, pastel tones will come to flood leaks and editorials and, like every spring, we will resist until we finally fall. The new: this year they are carried in monochrome, mixed with opposites and complementary ( see how the Danish look ) and even close to the neon tone. Is there a better way to brighten up a sad gray day?
5 The new leather jacket
Say goodbye to the classic (and well-fitting) perfect leather that has been accompanying you season after season, because now its format will be XL. The most reluctant will have already cheered you up with Zara’s lamb biker and the more ‘advanced’ you can now get the most hype model: with rounded shoulders, large flap, and balloon silhouette. As fresh out of Back to the Future.
6 Hairpins in hair
Let him raise his hand who, at the end of the ’90s did not wear hairpins in his hair like Spice Girl. One on each side and color, like Geri Halliwell, or a simple and discreet hairpin tilted like Rachel in Friends.
The interesting? That there is no easier way to tame hair on a ‘bad hair day’.

7 The return of the Saharan
We have seen corduroy Zara, in neutral colors and adjusted to the waist. Doesn’t it seem like a great ally of halftime?
8 The return of pearls
In small and irregular format, or with several turns adorning shirts and pullovers in a ‘more is more’. The pearls have returned (if they ever left) to stay and give a new ‘preppy’ look to your look.
9 ‘Fishnet’
The most unexpected trend bag of last season was made with net fabric, like the one our grandmothers took to purchase. This year you will not only see it in accessories but also in boho- style dresses, which cover the skin rather little and that becomes the perfect outfit to go down to the beach and evoke Jane Birkin herself.
10 Silk Skirt
If this summer the skirt of the moment was silk ‘animal print’, this winter we get soberer and we opted for the same fabric but in plain colors: in beige and ice white or in purple and strawberry ( you have a ‘low’ version in Zara )
Combined with a thick sweater they can’t be more ‘cool’ and are a good way to recycle a party dress.

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