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Analysis of the Sony RX0 sports camera. Is this better than GoPro cameras?



The niche of action cameras seems to have evolved with the arrival of the Sony DSC-RX0 . And is that the launch of this team created by the Japanese giant, has made it clear that there is more life beyond the offers of GoPro, which certainly is not going through its best moments.

Many specialists point out that the RX0 boasts better capabilities than GoPro models, as it is full of newer and more professional features, opening the way to more creative captures, and even offering numerous options that promote greater inspiration.

At the end of this post you will know the reasons why this is maybe better than the GoPro Hero6 Black , among others.

Do you want to know what these functions are? Do not worry !, through this  nalysis of Sony RX0  discover each of the new features of this camera that came with the intention to take the throne from GoPro.

Features of the Sony DSC-RX0 and why it is one of the best sports cameras.

One of the main features of the Sony RX0, is that it is an ultra compact miniature sports camera that can be submerged in water (up to about 10 meters deep) and is resistant to shock, but … this is not all !, its benefits transcend other dimensions. Discover them!

Greater  versatility Accommodating unlimited capabilities within its miniature body, this Sony camera combines state-of-the-art imaging performance with a rugged design, developed to provide more versatile general operation, either by operating alone or with accessories or multi-camera systems.

Quality and  creativity in a device. Its advanced imaging technology is condensed into a rigid, solid and compact design. On the other hand, its BIONZ X ™ image processor and its Exmor RS ™ CMOS sensor guarantee greater creative freedom to make amazing captures.

Why? As the sensor manages to expand the expressive options, allowing different types of expression that previously only some professional equipment could offer, while the structure of its stacked DRAM memory chip provides an extremely fast reading speed that provides superior performance.

Solid and portable design. The Sony DSC-RX0 boasts a body made of extra-rigid duralumin and its ultra-compact dimensions give it great resistance to water and falls from a height of up to two meters, as well as it is capable of supporting a weight of 200 kgf /2,000 N3.

In fact, it is a solid and highly reliable camera, even when trying to make difficult captures.

It offers exclusive expressive functions  The capabilities of this action camera to obtain authentic and creative results are unbeatable, since it offers the following functions:

  • You can record super high quality videos at image frequencies that reach 960 fps / 1,000 fps6 (40 times higher than conventional levels).
  • It features an anti-distortion shutter gesture of up to 1 / 32,000 s, which decreases the distortion in captures of subjects or objects that go in rapid movement.
  • Thanks to its fast continuous shooting function, the Sony RX0 is capable of taking pictures up to 16 fps7 in order to portray subjects in movement offering sharp details.
  • It also has a function of image and gamma profile settings S-Log2, which provides the opportunity to get expressive videos on a professional scale.

Finally, in this analysis of the Sony RX0  we must emphasize that the camera has a Clean HDMI 4K output to record this quality from another external device.

Great p otential to capture the definitive vision. Thanks to its minimalist symmetrical design and its multiple optical axes that are properly aligned and can operate simultaneously, this sports camera offers quite flexible configurations and allows a multi-angle capture in a simple way.

In the same way, it has a wireless multiple control function, that is, with a tablet or a mobile phone – with the PlayMemories Mobile application installed – it is possible to operate the RX0.

It admits an infinity of accessories. The more you use the equipment with accessories or other cameras, the more you will praise the way your multi-camera system works, given that it integrates perfectly to meet any capture needs, whether you merit a frame or the use of an MPK-Accommodation. HSR1 to increase its capabilities to withstand the depths, etc.

Sony RX0 VS the GoPRo camera. Reasons why it is a more advanced camera than the GoPro.

While  GoPro  has established itself as the most influential brand among action cameras, the Japanese manufacturer Sony has discovered the formula after creating a more sophisticated model.

Of course, we refer to the Sony DSC-RX0 and, to argue our point of view we detail a number of reasons why it is a more advanced camera than the GoPro. Take note!
His new and authentic  sensor. One of its main innovations is that it is equipped with a one-inch sensor, which implies that its size is much larger than the 1 / 2.3 inches that most GoPro cameras usually have.

In addition, this feature allows you to achieve higher quality images, either in broad daylight, at night or in low light scenarios.
On the other hand, the sensor records images of 15.3 effective megapixels, although it has 21 megapixels. This means that it makes use of novel computational photography algorithms to make more amazing captures. All this despite the fact that it is a slightly more expensive camera.

It has a  24mm Zeiss lens  Another of its novelties is that it has a 24mm Zeiss lens and six elements, which allow it to capture images with an incomparable sharpness.

It also has a diaphragm aperture of f / 4, a point of vital importance, since many GoPro sports cameras have crystals that do not meet the requirements of users.
The  images are stored in RAW format. Although some GoPro models also have the ability to save images in RAW, the difference is that the Sony RX0  does it by default, so that professionals in the area will not have to configure it if they want to edit the photos or make time lapses.

You can m anage in manual mode. This camera boasts a small screen and wireless connection, allowing it to be operated in manual mode in case the user wants it. Undoubtedly, this is usually strange in devices of this type.

To complete our analysis of the Sony RX0 ,  we can ensure that we are facing a team with performance that exceeds expectations based on what we are used to seeing. Therefore, it is a device aimed at the most enthusiastic of sports cameras, but especially to video professionals.

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Analysis and details of the GoPro HERO5 Session camera. Buyer’s Guide




Are you looking for a sports camera with which you can record your greatest adventures forever? Then you have reached the right place. Today we will show you a wonderful and impressive copy of professional portable camera that you can take anywhere.

If you have an adventurous spirit, then the camera – 10 MP camera is right for you, because this camera has the ideal combination of practicality and incredible performance.

Thanks to its 4K video function, its extremely simple design and the ability to handle everything with a single button (yes, as you read, ONE button), there is no doubt that this is part of the best sports cameras of 2018 .

If you decide to embark on a wonderful bicycle trip along some difficult roads, everything will be immortalized forever with this impressive recording tool, and you will not feel dizzy when watching your recordings as its video stabilization function will prevent this.

There will be no doubt that your 10MP camera will take pictures that will take your breath away, making your trip an unforgettable experience. You can record in three formats: individual mode, burst and in sequence, offering a variety of options.

Characteristics of the GoPro HERO5 Session camera.

This model is available in two colors: gray and black and … best of all … You have the possibility to connect with this camera to Wi-Fi networks! This means, you can share without any inconvenience the content, photos and videos you want with your friends and family.

Thanks to its perfect design incredibly resistant you can take it anywhere you decide to undertake your new adventures, and one of its most incredible features is that you can submerge this equipment up to 33 feet (10 meters) without its casing which makes it a great submersible camera .

If you are passionate about kayaking and other water sports, this sports camera is the ideal one for you.

With just pressing its power button it starts recording automatically, making the work of engraving and photographing scenarios much more practical.

Are you very busy and do not have the time to properly manipulate your camera? There is no problem, in the same way, you can access your hands-free control in the GoPro with the most practical and easy voice commands.

Your adventurous spirit will never be limited when you have a GoPro Hero5 Session camera in your backpack , with just one click you can save the most spectacular scenarios of your adventures, trips and walks anywhere in the world.

On the internet you can find the most spectacular accessories for your GoPro, from a variety of backpacks , covers and packaging to carry your camera, through practical and very functional wireless triggers (if you want a photo at the last moment and you do not have a partner that be your photographer).

You can find them for all types of travelers: from a conventional traveler, who only looks for a cover to keep it and move it from one place to another, to an extreme traveler, who wants to take pictures under water or in very humid environments.

These last ones can acquire functional backpacks or waterproof covers, ideal for excursions to beaches or rivers, where you will have the total certainty that there will be no problems with the water and humidity in your GoPro.

Are you a fan of panoramic images? Then a monopod or a tripod can be a very good help for you. If you want you can take them anywhere, they come in a variety of models and sizes, some may fit in your backpack, and others may need to take them in your truck.

Tripods and monopies are very useful for all travelers, especially for those who love large open spaces, such as mountains, rivers and glaciers.

If you want all your family and friends to enjoy the most spectacular panoramic images, you should carry a monopod or tripod in your backpack.

The wireless triggers are also very useful if you have your hands busy to take a picture, and you feel that it is the perfect time to do it.

It’s just a matter of positioning your GoPro in the angle you want, placing yourself in the frame of the camera and then clicking on that small wireless device … And that’s it! All these beautiful landscapes and moments will be captured.

If you have preference for panoramic photos, these two are basic and essential instruments that you should take with you to any adventure where you go.

Can you imagine taking a picture in the Grand Canyon? Or in the glaciers in Canada? With these basic photography instruments you will not be the main protagonist, it will be the scenario you chose to travel.

Many travelers and passionate about photography have taken a commitment to bring all these (among others) accessories to their most impressive adventures and trips.

Why have a GoPro HERO5 Session?

Because you will be able to live very closely the experience of having a professional portable camera with the same sharpness, quality and precision of a professional studio camera.

You can take it with you anywhere in the world without the slightest inconvenience. A GoPro camera is comfortable to use, practical, simple, functional and above all very useful for adventurers.

Millions of users of GoPro cameras around the world have been protagonists of the most impressive photographs and instant graphics anywhere in the world, all thanks to this particular photography tool.

What are you waiting for? Capture, innovate, transform and create any event, any scenario in an unforgettable graphic that will remain for posterity.

You and your GoPro Hero5 Session camera are the perfect combination, in any scenario, for you to capture and immortalize moments, people, places, moments and above all memories.

If you are seriously thinking about acquiring a GoPro Hero5 Session, this is the ideal time to do it. We assure you that you will not regret having an ideal instrument to store unforgettable moments in your memory (and on your computer).

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Analysis and opinions of the GoPro HERO Session sports camera. Buyer’s Guide




The GoPro Hero Session is the smallest action camera from GoPro and has been designed to be as discreet as possible, either tied to the front of a ski or attached to the end of a guitar.

According to the opinions of the buyers, not only is it characterized by its design, but also because it is one of the best sports cameras on the market.

When it was launched, it cost £ 330 / $ 400, which was not exactly cheap. In fact, it was the same price as the GoPro Hero Silver at the time, which is better in a number of ways – the most important one is video quality.

The GoPro Hero Session has since had a series of price cuts, as well as being renamed as the simplest. Neither should be confused with the new and more complete GoPro Hero5 Session .

Now that it’s available for as little as £ 150, it’s a much more tempting prospect for a GoPro-level action camera.

Design of the GoPro Hero Session (one of the best on the market).

We’ve all been tempted by the GoPro, “Look how small it is.” And that’s the appeal of them – this is an extremely compact action camera, 50% smaller than its Hero4 sisters .

That makes a big difference when it comes to riding a GoPro in an awkward position. In fact, GoPro’s main producer, Cort Muller, mounted this camera between the wheels of a bicycle. You can not do that with any other GoPro.

But how small is it really? It has only 35 mm each side, which is only half the width, and a little more than half the weight, of a water resistant Hero4 Black.

And let’s face it, you’ll want your GoPro to be protected from damp things more often. That’s what makes the GoPro Hero Session so clear – it’s a waterproof camera for up to 10m / 33ft without the need for a cover.

There is another benefit in losing the waterproof case. The small grilles that house the microphones – one in the front and one in the back – are not covered.

GoPro states that this improves the quality of the audio captured and we are inclined to agree, but we will go into more details about that later.

Losing a tough, thick outer case means that the GoPro Hero Session is more exposed to environmental elements, but also less protected from bumps and falls.

Once it is in its assembly it is not too much trouble. The assembly covers all the corners and edges of the GoPro Hero Session, just like on your phone.

This protects everything except the lens area from the biggest damage a drop can cause.

However, there is no safety net when you are holding the GoPro Hero Session in your hand.

The good news is that we’ve dropped the GoPro Hero Session half a dozen times during the tests and it’s protected from all the hits.

GoPro has dressed the GoPro Hero Session in textured rubber, which makes it resistant at the same time. The lens is protected by a screwed glass sheet and still does not scratch in the least.

The bolts are there so you can replace them if the worst happens – a replacement kit  with two lens caps costs less than £ 30.

The physical controls are minimal, as can be expected with a small device. The main functions are covered by a button on the top of the GoPro Hero Session.

Along with this there is a small LCD screen that lets you know how long you’ve been shooting, how many pictures you’ve taken, the quality of the video you’re recording and the battery life. There is another button on the back that is recessed.

This is mainly used to pair with a smartphone or mark video so you can easily find it while editing.

Pairing is fairly easy, but using this button to point out the video summaries depends on several different factors. First, the button is difficult, if not impossible, to access when mounting the GoPro Hero Session .

Secondly, marking a video section while doing a 360 backflip in a BMX over the Grand Canyon is not likely to be at the forefront of your mind.

Even so it is a useful feature if you are doing something not too extreme and the GoPro Hero Session is in your hand.

Is the lens pointing to what you want or to the back of your hand? Are you framing your video correctly? Are you filming or taking a Time Lapse? These are all the questions you will continue to ask when you start using the GoPro Hero Session.

Give it a little time, however, and you begin to understand what is happening better. It is not as easy to use on hand as the HTC Re, or even as the GoPro Hero4 that has a more traditional form of camera, but soon or later become familiar with it.

Although it has a totally different shape, the GoPro Hero Session is compatible with previous GoPro accessories – using the GoPro head strap. There are also a lot of new GoPro accessories, like the Floaty, which, as you might have guessed, helps the action camera to float and be easily seen if it falls in the water.

Below, these are some of the recommended products you get when you buy this camera as they will improve the experience when using it.

GoPro Hero Session – Storage and Connectivity.

A small flap exits the right side of the GoPro Hero Session when you change a small switch. This allows access to a microSD card slot and the Micro USB charging port.

That’s a step up for GoPro – most of the Hero4 range still uses the old Mini USB standard.

That’s in terms of physical connectivity and features. The GoPro Hero Session also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, however. Both are there to help the action camera connect to your phone, and that brings a number of additional features to it.

GoPro Hero Session – Configuration, Features and everything about your App. Final opinions.

The connection of the Hero Session to a smartphone is super easy to do. You press the small button on the back for a couple of seconds and the LCD screen jumps to life. Press it again and it will ask you to match. A press of the main button and it’s time to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

You must go to the Wi-Fi configuration, find the session and synchronize it with it. Next, you must set a password and you’re done – you’re ready to change the settings, use your phone as a viewer or control the GoPro Hero Session remotely.

The connection via Bluetooth of low power is also possible. This is useful because it uses much less power than a Wi-Fi connection. Less energy used means longer battery life for both the GoPro Hero Session and the phone. Happy Days.

The GoPro application (available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone) allows you to manipulate a large number of configurations that you can not access.

There is the obvious. The resolution and frames per second range from a higher setting of 1,920 x 1,440 (aspect ratio 4: 3) to a low WVGA, while frames can reach a maximum of 120 fps for slow-motion capture in the adjustment of lower resolution.

SuperView is a feature that effectively extends a 4: 3 aspect ratio to a 16: 9 widescreen. Everything in the center of the shot remains normal; They are the edges that unfold to fit the width.

The idea is that this makes the video more impactful – if the things that occur along the edges do not matter much, that’s fine.

GoPro is well known for its fish eye effect – the way the videos and the image bend around the edges. Otherwise known as barrel distortion, this is caused by the wide field of view (FoV) – 170 degrees are captured in front of the camera.

Flexing may seem a bit strange and if you want something with straight lines you can reduce the field to something less curved. You can change the FoV to 127 degrees, making the distortion less of a problem, but this option is only available for resolutions 1,080 and 720.

You can further reduce the fish eye effect during editing.

The overall level of adjustments does not end there. GoPro has added an automatic low light option to the camera that adjusts the setting when it is dark. So, for example, it will reduce the frame if you think the video seems too loaded.

The point counter, on the other hand, tells the GoPro Hero Session to set its light levels to what is dead in front of it and ignore what is around the periphery.

For example, if you want to use it as a script, for example, you should keep it turned on so that it maintains the appropriate light settings for everything outside the frame.

The final video setting is ProTune. This removes a lot of the bells and whistles that GoPro adds to the video, making it easier for video editors to play with this in post-production.

While photo settings can not wait to outshine the wide variety of video, they are not totally lacking.

You get your usual resolutions to play with 8 megapixels of wide angle – 5 megapixels of medium angle – as well as changing the intervals of Time Lapse.

These range from a maximum of one shot every half second to a minimum of one every minute.

GoPro is still the king of action cameras, and we are waiting for the launch of its first drone later this year. The GoPro Hero Session is its smallest action camera but it has also been one of the most complete and sought after.

Obviously, the GoPro Hero Session does not follow previous GoPro designs. It is a cube and about half the size (volume) of the Hero4. In addition, it is 35 percent lighter at 74 g. Better yet, it is waterproof without a separate casing.

This reduces volume and weight, but also means better audio quality, since the microphones are not sealed inside a plastic box.

Notice that we said microphones: there are two – one front and one back. The GoPro Hero Session automatically switches between the two to try to get the best quality and reduce wind noise.

It is not entirely successful – according to some opinions, wind noise is still a problem – but compared to previous generations of the Hero (particularly the second generation) and many rival action cameras, the audio is very good.

There is a missing feature: a preview screen. That means you have to guess if your frame is correct or use the free GoPro application on your phone.

The application is also used to adjust settings and can also function as a remote control to start and stop shooting (or take pictures).

If you do not want to use a phone, GoPro also sells an ‘ intelligent remote control ‘. This does not give you a video preview, however.

Live previews are not available in all video modes, such as when you enable ProTune. You can change the field of view in some modes, but in some, there is only width. SuperView modes are different, so you should select them when you choose the resolution.

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Analysis and comparisons of the 5 best DSLR Cameras (DSLR) of 2018.




If you have come to this article, surely you are a lover of photography, but not of any photograph, it sure catches your attention to capture unique images that you can only capture when buying a SLR camera, thanks to its great versatility, because with it we can obtain better quality in our photographs.

And, today’s compact digital cameras (which are usually much cheaper), the happy shooting mode is usually automatic, and while it is true that we can make a selection of special modes for our captures As night view, landscape, etc., so is the fact that manually it is not possible to make the captures that in the end come to have a direct effect on the final image.

So, if you are already thinking about buying your first SLR camera or if you already have one, I want to give you some important basic notions to start with the right foot in the world of photography but also to get the most out of your camera. reflex.

If you do not want to make the investment when buying a SLR camera and you want something a little simpler and basic; Something like for a summer vacation then it is better for you to buy a sports camera .

I will make a brief introduction to everything you can expect when using a SLR camera correctly, you will no doubt feel hooked to the picture once you finish reading this article.

Even as a simple amateur it is possible to make large captures with a SLR camera, captures that express more than just the moment, but to achieve this, it is important to also know various aspects of these.

Benefits to be found with the use of the SLR camera.

Control. The first of the benefits you get when using a SLR camera is the fact that you have full control over the photographs and it is even as a means of correct learning of photography and that simply with automatic modes you can never learn photography.

But if you manage to control the exposure parameters, then you have learned about photography.

So, use the camera in its manual mode.

Basic formation. Definitely your camera contains a lot of buttons that unhinged you because you simply do not know what each function performs, so it is necessary to review slowly but firmly the manual that is included in the purchase of the camera.

Pay attention to the basics and more important, for example, learn to control the exposure through the diaphragm, the opening speed and the ISO sensitivity.

Learn also about automatic white balance, focus and re-framing are basic actions of good photography.

Zero artificial lighting:  try not to use the flash, although it is true that it is a useful resource for certain cases, it is also true that in most of the cases when you know how to take pictures you do not need to use it.

This type of cameras, even the most economical in its category, have a RAW format that allows you to edit the photographs, so you must learn to use it, if at the beginning it is difficult for you to program your camera to take pictures in JPG and RAW at the same time.

And every time you can, get familiar with the format, at some point through practice you can edit the photos at your leisure for a better photographic quality.

For all these aspects is that we recommend SLR cameras, because without a doubt, will make you live a different experience and maybe even awaken your creativity by becoming addicted to the world of photography.

If so, then you know where to follow the road, and well the next thing is to know what are my tips and recommendations on the best 5 SLR cameras on the market that are stealing glances and leaving the empty showcases of the shops where these items are sold .

But first, here is a table listing the top 5 SLR cameras on the market.

List of the 5 best SLR cameras. With analysis and opinions.

If you want to know them, read on, I will give you a brief review of each of them so that you can observe because they are the best in the SLR camera market.

We start …

1. Nikon D5500- 24.2 Mp digital SLR camera 

This camera has a Nikon F lens mount and there are currently 255 native lenses available for this mount. But, apart from providing one of the largest selection of lenses, Nikon F mount also has backward compatibility, which means that the Nikon D5500 can use F-mount lenses used in the 60’s.

What’s new in the Nikon D5500 camera?

It is the first Nikon with touch screen, its grip is quite thin which facilitates its grip, it also stands out for being light and ergonomic.

Highlights of the Nikon D5500.

  • It confers a high level of detail due to the elimination of a low-pass filter, which in effect eliminates certain optical defects but also usually reduces the clarity of the images. And when eradicated it translates into gain in terms of its details.
  • Bright and accurate colors are obtained.
  • It has 39 points of focus, which denotes a great precise and fast performance in this regard.
  • It offers a continuous shooting 5 fps, so in just one second you can get to capture five photographs.
  • It has 24 megapixels. This will be very useful when printing photographs in very large sizes.
  • ISO 100-25600. The Nikon D5500 barely emits a noise of 6,400 ISO, making it possible to shoot in low light conditions, making it perfect for partygoers and other nightly events.
  • It has a timer that can be placed between 1 and 9 exposures and from 2, 5, 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Different scene modes: Landscape, Portrait, Sports, Child, Close-up, Night landscape, Pet portrait, Night portrait, Beach / snow, Sunset, Party / indoor, Fall colors, Dawn / dusk, Flowers, Gastronomy and Candle light
  • It offers several special effects modes, which include multiple creative effects that you can apply in your photographs. In addition, you can preview the effect you select and adjust them to the intensity while you are shooting. These effects are: Superintensive, Pop, Photographic illustration, Selective color, Mockup effect, Night vision, High key, Low key, Toy camera effect, Silhouettes. Note that these can not be used if you shoot in RAW.
  • With the Nikon D5500 you can shoot in a range that ranges from 1/4000 to 30 seconds.
  • Colors: available in red and black.
  • Weight (with battery): 470 grams.

One of the main features that stands out in this DSLR is its creative flexibility, because it includes the second generation of Picture Control color profiles, which makes it possible for us to have precise control of brightness, sharpness, tone, contrast and the saturation of videos and photographs.

In addition, it has a flat profile that stores the greatest amount of tone information with the purpose of offering maximum detail in the images, even if you are in a light or shaded area.

LCD screen and viewfinder The Nikon D5500 has a fully articulated LCD 3.2 screen, with a resolution of 1,037k points, which meets the class standards.

This is the kind of touch screen that makes it possible to change the settings and set the focus point with your fingers, making it ideal for those people who love doing self-portraits or group photos. Indeed, the Nikon D5500 will make life easier for selfies. In addition, it has a built-in optical viewfinder (penta-mirror) that has a coverage of 95% and a magnification ratio of 0.82 ×.

Photographs. This camera can shoot continuously at a maximum speed of 5.0 fps and has the maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 sec, as well as a built-in flash, you can even mount your external flashes.

The Nikon D5500 has two contrast detection systems and the phase of detection of autofocus (AF), which guarantees the speed and precision of focusing in most situations. The AF system has 39 focus points and 9 of these sensors are cross type.

Sensor and image processor. Its autofocus technology is interesting, which uses contrast detection and, as mentioned earlier, it uses 39 points with nine cross sensors, which, according to Nikon, keeps the subject photographed on the margin of the site it occupies in the frame.

On the other hand, the image processor that includes the Nikon D5500 is an Expeed 4, a chip that guarantees a very high calculation capacity, and at the same time, a height performance. Even we focus on the continuous shooting that offers, it is undoubted that this processor manages to quickly manage the data it receives from the sensor.

Video functions With the Nikon D5500 you can record your videos at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps and save in MPEG-4 or H.264 format, among other formats. The Full HD Resolution of this camera will suffice in most situations.

On the other hand, the camera has a built-in microphone, a stereo and mono speaker, similarly, it has a port to which an external microphone can be connected so that it can record high quality sound.

Connectivity and storage. It includes a wireless connectivity system, which allows you to transfer your photos directly to compatible devices without any physical connection. In addition, you can connect the camera to other devices through the HDMI port or through the USB 2.0 port (480 Mbit / s).

Battery. Its battery provides a life of approximately 820 shots, in accordance with CIPA standards. Considering that the average battery life of DSLR cameras is 888 shots, which denotes that the battery life of the Nikon D5500 is not the highest in its class. Indeed, it would be convenient to invest in some spare batteries in case of undertaking long trips that you want to portray or for sessions that require a greater number of photographs.

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