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Best Vacuum Robots of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide.



Finding help in a robot vacuum cleaner to clean the different corners of the home is a great option when you want to avoid fatigue, stress or dedicate those hours in other important tasks.

But what is the best robot vacuum cleaner ? Today it is possible to find a multitude of models, of course, some with more advanced functions than others. The range of offers ranges from those that only clean the different areas of the house to those that can be controlled with an app installed on the mobile device.

Regardless of the benefits offered by these domestic robots are very useful. However, we believe it is necessary to create an entry about which model to buy, taking into account its value for money, all with the purpose of facilitating the process of choice and making the right decision.

1. Robot vacuum cleaner Taurus Mini Striker – Recommended for small homes.

With a small and compact design, the Taurus Striker Mini is one of the most affordable robots on the market today, but also has great power to offer a thorough and thorough cleaning. It is an ideal model for small or medium-sized houses.

Although it only offers basic features, this domestic robot stands out for its efficiency, it also has the ability to provide a range of up to 75 minutes, the amount of time enough to clean the floor of a home with 80 or 100 square meters.

In short, the Taurus Striker Mini is not the best model on the market, but boasts an excellent value for money, even ideal for those who want to get their first robot vacuum cleaner.

2. Housmile vacuum cleaner robot – Fairly adaptable to different surfaces.

Are you tired of cleaning the corners of the house when you get home from work? This will not be necessary if you have Housmile robot vacuum cleaner , because this device has three intelligent sensors that allow you to identify obstacles and stairs to avoid possible falls and develop your task without any inconvenience.

It also has two side brushes to make the cleaning day easier and faster. Also, this domestic robot is able to adapt automatically to the different types of soil (hardwoods, tiles, laminates, carpets …).

One of the most remarkable features of the Housmile is that it has two cleaning modes: for a small room (working for 30 minutes) and for a large room (60 minutes of activity). This means that you can select the option that best suits your needs.

3. Robot vacuum cleaner Deebot Slim by Ecovacs – Excellent value for money.

It is an ultra-compact domestic robot that can clean easily and efficiently in the most difficult spaces. For example, under the furniture, an area where the deepest dirt is lodged.

The Robot vacuum cleaner Deebot Slim of Ecovacs boasts a special suction system that allows you to sweep the hairs of pets in a single pass, in fact, it is a perfect model for those people who have animals in their home.

Thanks to its Smart Motion technology, this domestic robot has the ability to re-clean those more complicated spaces to remove dirt, so it will not stop until this area is completely impeccable. Yes, by opting for this ultra-thin vacuum cleaner, you will stop using the mop and escape it as often.

4. Robot vacuum cleaner Conga Excellence 990 – Recommended as the best option for an average price.

This robot manufactured by the Cecotec brand is one of the most coveted models by users. The reason? It’s simple! It has four functions that allow you to perform a complete cleaning of the floor. And the best part is that you will not have to do anything, except to program it and press a few buttons to put your system into operation.

The Conga Excellence 990 is a 4 in 1 model, that is, sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs the floor. These tasks are performed silently, this robot is also programmable 24 hours a day. It really is a machine that will give you the possibility to dedicate time to other activities, since it carries out the hard work of the home.

If you opt for this robot you will not regret it, because it is endowed with an advanced technology that generates confidence and comfort. It is important to note that the Conga Excellence 990 is not only useful for cleaning at home, but also ideal for use in bars, offices, clubs and other business spaces.

5. Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 615 – Cataloged as a robot of the highest quality.

Do you want to get the best vacuum cleaner on the market? The Roomba 615 is not far from it if you consider its unbeatable value for money. And it is that this model uses a system of cleaning of three phases with brushes of reverse rotation, and includes a big rotation that derives of his 30 watts of power, which allow him collect dust, dirt, hairs and other particles.

With this degree of power you can work quickly, vacuuming agglomerated waste in a small area with just pressing the ‘Clean’ button. If you have pets paludas in your house, this domestic robot is ideal to collect the hair of these animals.

But … this is not all !, The Roomba 615 can be programmed to work in an hour and in a specific area, also brings different programs of duration and intensity to keep the most difficult corners of the house impeccable: beds, under the furniture and edges of walls. All without causing damage.

6. Robot vacuum cleaner LG Hombot Turbo VR8602RR – Fits all corners of the house.

Its sophisticated cleaning program and powerful lateral brushes, make the LG Hombot Turbo VR8602RR one of the best robots on the market, because it guarantees excellent results when performing your home tasks. But, these are not the most outstanding features of this device.

This machine manufactured by LG does not involve complications when programming, because it allows you to configure it to work automatically at the same time of day. It also has 7 cleaning modes, which can be adjusted to each corner of the home in order to achieve greater efficiency during the day.

The VR8602RR comes with a software called Robo Navi 10.0 that helps you clean the house systematically, so darkness will not be a problem to perform your tasks effectively. Therefore, this machine is able to meet the demands of the most demanding users.

7. Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 871 – The robot vacuum cleaner dreamed of every person.

If you are looking for an option that offers a deep and thorough cleaning, you will not have to search anymore. The iRobot Roomba 871 is the ideal model to meet your expectations, but why? Not only does it perform its domestic task perfectly, it also stands out from other machines for its resistance and advanced sensors that help detect waste and dirt.

This robot vacuum cleaner of the iRobot brand, has a cleaning system called AeroForce that has three stages: lift, suck and extract dirt from the ground. This is one of the benefits most valued by users, since it works perfectly, all thanks to its anti-tangle extractors.

It has a capacity to store dirty of 0.6 liters, a very favorable feature not to empty it so frequently, however, this depends on the volume of dirt.

Best robot vacuum cleaner 2018 (Recommended).

If you are looking for a simple alternative with basic services and good value for money, it is best to opt for the Taurus Mini Striker or the Housmile , as they have the necessary functions for less demanding users, besides you will not have to spend too much money.

In case you want to find an option with more advanced features, then you will need a bigger budget to get a robot in the Deebot Slim category of Ecovacs or the Conga Excellence 990 , which are equipped with newer systems.

Although you can also raise more money and opt for the iRobot Roomba 615 or the LG Hombot Turbo VR8602RR that belong to the upper middle range and stand out for its great performance and ability to store dirt.

Now, are you willing to invest to buy the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2018? Do not think twice and get the iRobot Roomba 871 , which undoubtedly represents one of the wonders of the world of domestic robots.

The evolution of robot vacuum cleaners and why they have gained so much popularity.
Many people do not see vacuum robots as the ideal machines to clean the different spaces of the home, because years ago when these devices were released to the Spanish market, their efficiency levels were not optimal.

But … this has changed !, the models that are currently on sale, have more advanced technologies, such as;

They are able to adjust the intensity of cleaning according to the level of dirt
They detect obstacles with infrared sensors
They move without stumbling over obstacles (the most advanced models).
They have the ability to disinfect surfaces with ultraviolet light.
It is important to note that the performance of vacuum cleaner robots vary according to their prices, which range between € 40 and € 1000. If you are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner there is a wide variety to choose from.

What does this mean?

There are more basic models that do not have navigation systems (move randomly) and are not able to detect obstacles.

While domestic robots with more advanced technologies can ‘know’ the spaces of the home and identify objects at a distance such as: tangles of cables, stairs, glasses, even animals …

Therefore, they work autonomously without the need for people to intervene, thanks to the fact that they can be easily programmed so that they can carry out their cleaning sessions without problems.

Recommendations to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2018 according to its price-quality ratio.
While in this post we have analyzed the highest quality vacuum cleaner robots on the market, based on the price-quality ratio, it is also important to know the essential points that you must take into account when buying a machine of this type.

Of course, the first aspect to consider is the budget with which you have to acquire the device, however, we share some very useful recommendations that will help you make a good decision.

Your level of program The capacity of the robot will depend on the program’s ability to work autonomously according to the ‘indications’ that you provide. The low-end models usually have a very limited programmability, while the higher-order androids are equipped with more favorable features.

On the other hand, this guide on how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner would be incomplete, if we do not clarify that you will have the opportunity to order what days and what hours should clean the robot, if you opt for a model with high-level programmability.

Do you have hairy pets? In case you want to obtain a robot vacuum cleaner and have animals in your home with a lot of fur, do not opt ​​for a model whose manufacturer’s description does not specify that the device is ideal for cleaning pet hairs, otherwise, you may regret it.

Currently in the market there are models developed to offer this type of cleaning, although some more sophisticated than others. Among those we analyzed, the ideals for this work are: the Housmile , the Deebot Slim by Ecovacs , the iRobot Roomba 615 , the LG Hombot Turbo VR8602RR and the Roomba 871 .

Noise and weight level Many people consider that this is not a very important factor when choosing a home robot, but it is important. Why? Well, if you want to rest inside your home and have a very noisy device, it will be very difficult for you to achieve your goal.

Therefore, some users who have opted for noisy models have to put these devices to work when they go to work or go for a walk.

With the robots that we share in this entry you will have no problem in this regard, although perhaps the Housmile usually has a few decibels, but it is quieter than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Should it have a navigation system or not? The navigation system of the robot you choose will determine how the android will operate. There is a very notable difference between the models that have this mechanism and those that do not.

To illustrate more about this, the most basic and economic robots do not usually have a navigation system, because they only move in a random way, impacting against all the objects that prevail inside the home.

If you opt for a mid-range vacuum cleaner, you will have the chance to get a model that has an intelligent navigation system, equipped with mechanical, optical and acoustic sensors. They are even able to analyze the environment 50 times per second, mapping the rooms and distributions of the spaces of the house to ‘memorize’ each obstacle and corner of the home.

Finally, there are the high-end, which have navigation systems with the ability to identify the dirtiest areas of the home through acoustic and optical sensors, but also have the ability to ‘learn’ perfectly how the house is distributed, by means of cameras or laser sensors that track spaces.

Your autonomy The duration provided by the battery may be the most important factor when choosing a vacuum cleaner robot. In general, the batteries of these devices oscillate between 80 and 110 minutes.

Do not focus your attention much on the loading time, but we recommend checking if the robot has an intelligent system to return to its charging base once it detects that it is running out of power.

The models of Roomba 615 analyzed in this entry and the LG Hombot Turbo VR8602RR have this intelligent mechanism.

“Clean” the robot. Before buying a robot of this type, it is necessary to know that these machines store all the dirt that they collect in a deposit, so that you will have to empty it once it is full. There are some models that indicate when they are full, while others do not.

It does not imply that you will stop sweeping forever. We have to be sincere, getting a robot vacuum cleaner does not mean you will abandon the broom forever. These devices what they do is to facilitate the cleaning process, since it is normal that in some corners of the house only perform a superficial work.

In summary, you will have to continue cleaning but less frequently. However, it is possible to get models that perform a deeper day, leaving the floors cleaner like the LG Hombot Turbo VR8602RR and the iRobot Roomba 871 .

Deposit capacity. You have to pay attention to the ability to deposit dirt that the robot has, also keep in mind that some models warn when they are full, while others have to check them.

Therefore, check your specifications and take a look at the tank capacity, which can be measured in Liters (L), Centiliters (CL) or Milliliters (ML). Those with 0.3L and above are the most acceptable.

If you are looking to buy a robot with excellent deposit capacity then the Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 871 a capacity to store dirty of 0.6 liters.

Suction capacity and cleaning system. In the Spanish market abound those models that do not aspire, but only devote themselves to pass the mop, however, a large part of the vacuum cleaners mix two forms of dust collection: the brush and the aspiration.

This method of dust collection is based on a side brush (or brushes) that is located in the place indicated to vacuum efficiently. But, each brand and model has its own mechanism, for example, there are some that have brushes on the side in the form of a brush, while others have roller shapes.

On the other hand, the suction power – which is measured in Watts (W) – is also a prime element, but that a model has a great power does not mean greater efficiency.

Why? Simple! This will depend on several factors: the layout or number of brushes, the design of the robot and the navigation system.

Conclusions about the top of the best robot vacuum cleaners this year 2018.
A robot vacuum cleaner will always be of great help to clean our homes. These devices give us the opportunity to take advantage of our free time, as they are responsible for collecting virtually all the dirt in every corner of the house. For this reason, many people have chosen to get one of these machines in order to save time and engage in other important activities.

Given the growth of the robot vacuum cleaner market in recent years, there are many brands, models and prices that can be found today. That is why we created an entry where we gathered the most outstanding options in this sector, all in order to help you make an excellent decision.

One of the main characteristics of a robot vacuum cleaner is that its efficiency will be totally proportional to its price, so that you do not make illusions with mediocre models.

Now, before setting your budget, consider these factors:

The amount of money you invest will have an impact on comfort and efficiency.
A mid-range model has an average lifespan of more than two years.
There is a big difference between intelligent and autonomous vacuum robots, and robots that function as automated cleaning machines.
The robot will only satisfy your needs if you acquire it taking into account its benefits and abilities.
In short, if you want to make a good choice is important to consider each of the aspects that were addressed in this analysis of the best robot vacuum cleaners.

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Analysis of the best cheap vacuum cleaner robots (300 euros or less). With value for money.




Some people believe that buying a robot vacuum cleaner is an option that is only available to people with well-off pockets, however, this is a totally wrong perspective.

Nowadays, you can get quite affordable options, because everything is a question of numbers and to investigate in depth. Now, to facilitate the search process, we have created a top of the best cheap vacuum cleaner robots that you can buy on Amazon for less than 300 euros.

This means that you also have the possibility to enjoy the benefits offered by these cleaning devices, such as having more time to share with your family or dedicate yourself to other activities. Let’s take a look at our cheap robot vacuum cleaners.

Robot vacuum cleaner Taurus Mini Striker . Excellent for small houses.

The Taurus Mini Striker is the perfect vacuum cleaner for small and medium-sized homes. And it has enough power to ensure a careful and efficient cleaning of the different corners of the home. It really is an apparatus with basic functions, but that yields good results.

In the same way this robot vacuum cleaner appears in our list of the best robot vacuum cleaners that are currently on the market.

The reason? As it has two side brushes that provide it with a capacity to clean holes and corners efficiently, it also offers a great suction power, due to its 14.4 V battery.

On the other hand, boasts a band of protection that will keep out of reach of possible scratches and scratch, as well as also has a light indicator that will show the status of your battery. What else can we demand from the Taurus Mini Striker?

In short, the quality-price ratio of this robot is unbeatable, and thanks to its small size and compact design, it will easily clean under the furniture, guaranteeing a perfect day.

Robot vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil Spider . It complies with all the basic functions of a robot.

This robot vacuum cleaner manufactured by Dirt Devil is the ideal model to clean in apartments, shop windows, dressing rooms or any other small space, due to its small dimensions, it is even very easy to handle and, despite having few accessories, complies with your work

The Spider robot is able to identify levels or gaps automatically, thanks to its three sensors. It is equipped with extensive brushes located on its sides, which are made up of extra long bristles in order to make an impeccable cleaning day.

Similarly, it has several light indicators that will let you know when the battery is low, has finished charging or when you have to empty your waste deposit. In relation to its autonomy the Dirt Devil Spider offers a range of 60 minutes, enough time to clean the various corners of the home.

Finally, this robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect option for less demanding users, who require a cleaning supplement to keep their small spaces free of dust and dirt. Therefore, its benefits are acceptable, considering its value for money.

Conga Excellence vacuum cleaner from Cecotec . Your battery lasts more than an hour.

This is one of the most attractive models you can find on Amazon , so it is a must mention in our t op of the best vacuums cheap robots . But why? Simple! The Conga Excellence sweeps, sucks, scrubs the floor and mops for you so that you spend your time in the activities that fascinate you the most.

One of the most remarkable features of this robot vacuum cleaner is that it is capaza to identify obstacles, so it will not fall down the scalars, even clean under furniture. It is also equipped with a rotating brush that gives it a great ability to clean.

But, this is not all, its autonomy ranges from 130 to 160 min, which translates into more than two hours of intense activity, surpassing previous models, it also has the ability to clean without making much noise, since that has a sound level lower than 64 dB.

Another of its points that we must exalt in this model is that it can be programmed daily, 24 hours a day.

In conclusion, Conga Excellence is a more advanced model in relation to robot vacuum cleaners with basic functions, as it provides some extra features that other devices of its type are not able to offer. And all for an incredible price.

Conga Excellence 990 vacuum cleaner robot . Return to your base to load automatically.

It does not matter if there are many objects in your home and there are pets or children, this robot vacuum cleaner will effectively clean the floor of your home, regardless of the high traffic, because it is very respectful of animals and small animals. home.

Now, what benefits does the Conga Excellence 990 provide ? First of all, it stands out for having a rotating brush that allows you to thoroughly clean the home, it is also very versatile; sweeps, sucks, scrubs the floor and mops.

It also comes with a remote control that has an LCD screen to operate it more efficiently and offers a range of more than two hours and can be programmed daily, at any time of the day.

And … for greater joy of the users, this robot cleans silently (below 64 dB) and returns only to its base to be charged automatically when it is running out of battery.

Definitely, the robot vacuum cleaner Conga Excellence 990 is one of the star models in Amazon, because it boasts of excellent evaluations that the same users have attributed to it, although they maintain that the only thing they would add is an indicator that alerts at the moment in which its deposit has been filled.

Robot vacuum cleaner Robot Roomba 615 . Offers iAdapt navigation.

By getting the vacuum cleaner Roomba 615 you will not have to worry about cleaning the floor of your home, since you can leave all the dirty work to this robot vacuum cleaner. And this model will guarantee a perfect day, free of dirt, debris, hair or particles, so you can have more free time to devote to what you like.

One of the features that make this robot vacuum cleaner a great alternative is that it has an iAdapt navigation technology , which allows you to aspirate on its own, offering excellent results, it will even generate the feeling that you have cleaned yourself.

It is important to note that this Roomba model incorporates a three-phase cleaning system that lifts, removes and sucks dirt, while its side brush is able to access waste in corners and corners.

Its different sensors allow it to adapt to all homes, cleaning between clutter and avoiding unevenness. In case you run out of battery you will not have to worry about putting it to charge, since it has the ability to automatically return to your base to recharge, which means that it will always be available to clean again.

What else can you expect from a vacuum cleaner robot at this price? Yes, the Roomba 615 is the model that leads our t op of the best cheap vacuum cleaner robots and likewise is among the best vacuum robots of 2018 , however, the other mentioned devices also offer excellent performance, only that they respond to different needs


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Best soundbars for TV of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide.




Do you want to transform your living room into a genuine movie theater? To achieve this dream, you can never ignore the acquisition of a sound bar for TV in 2018, because these teams are installed in order to watch movies in our home as if we were in a commercial venue dedicated to the screening of films.

However, this market has been quite moving in recent years, so that you can find innovative models that provide more advanced features and are aimed at different users. But since we include everyone, in this guide we share a list of the best TV sound bars of 2018 based on the quality-price ratio of these devices. Do not miss it!

Best sound bar 2018 (Recommended).

Bearing in mind that the goal of a TV sound bar is to increase and improve the sound of televisions, we know the importance of choosing a model of excellent value for money to enjoy a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Among the most affordable alternatives that also have an unbeatable value for money, we recommend the models: Joly Joy , LG LAS260B , Philips HTL2163B / 12 , Sony HT-MT300 and Bose Solo 5 , which do not exceed 250 euros and are capable to satisfy those users who want an economic product with acceptable functionalities and specifications.

Now, if you have a good budget you can lean towards mid-range equipment like the Samsung HW-K550 and the Sony HTRT4 . However, we must also clarify that none of these models offers the extraordinary performance of the Samsung HW-MS650 , a product that has become an absolute reference among the best TV sound bars of 2018.

As you have seen, we have analyzed the best options you can find in the market today, encompassing everything from the most basic to the most advanced products, since not all users have the same economic capacity to obtain a sound bar of high magnitude.

1. Joly Joy soundbar – Wireless for a very comfortable price.

The sound bar Joly Joy is perfect if you want to get a cheap model that incorporates a remote control, it is even capable of reaching a power of 20E and has Bluetooth technology, a feature that does not usually show equipment belonging to its category.

It has a high power digital amplifier that prevents distortion of sound, enjoys excellent compatibility with other devices and increases the quality of audio, thanks to its good digital processing. On the other hand, the power of this sound bar transforms the traditional sound into a cinema sound, allowing you to reach your dream.

Despite its low cost, this sound bar has several aspects that will make you fall in love. Among them we find that it allows us to adjust the balance of the treble and bass in ten different levels. Similarly, it comes with a power adapter and comes with brackets to install them on the wall.

2. LG LAS260B soundbar – Very good sound for a low price.

Despite offering basic features, the LG LAS260B has the ability to offer unbeatable power of 100 W RMS, also has Bluetooth 4.0 and unquestionably manage to optimize the sound of your TV in a simple way, all without taking up much space in the room.

With this sound bar you will only spend the essentials and you will be able to enjoy acceptable bass, in addition it looks great when combined with the rest of the equipment. It offers a fairly fast connection and is the perfect choice for small spaces. Are you looking for an easy and simple model? Then the LAS260B of the LG brand is for you.

3. Philips HTL2163B / 12 soundbar – Includes a subwoofer and Virtual Surround sound.

It is a bar designed by the prestigious Philips brand with which you can enjoy your favorite movies through a Virtual Surround sound and excellent bass through a single cable. The HTL2163B / 12 soundbar also integrates a subwoofer, so it will enhance your home entertainment when used with televisions, DVD / BD players, MP3 players and game consoles.

It reproduces an enveloping and very rich surround sound from a mechanism that has less than five speakers, of course, it works with Bluetooth technology and boasts a very attractive design as is to be expected from this brand.

4. Sony HT-MT300 sound bar – It has a very compact and elegant size.

With its combination of bar and subwoofer, the Sony HT-MT300 sound bar is undoubtedly one of the best accessories for televisions, thanks to it offers 100 watts of power and a bass extension that converts the visualization of movies and video games into an unprecedented adventure

This sound bar has an interesting size given the volume of its compact subwoofer, so it is an ideal option if you are looking for a model that allows you to save space. But, when combining these details with the features offered by this device, you will notice that it is worth paying less than 200 euros for it.

Similarly, this bar (one of the best of 2018) is characterized because it includes a wireless subwoofer that can be easily configured.

5. Bose Solo Sound Bar 5 – Offers dialog mode that adds great value.

Standing out for its ability to be installed in the furniture and hung on the wall, the Bose Solo 5 sound bar is one of those options that you should take into account when considering making yourself with such a device. Why? It offers high quality sound and can be connected to the TV with a single audio cable.

This Bose model has the peculiarity of surprising with a single sound bar, which provides an unbeatable sound quality. It also offers dialogue mode to highlight each word and auditory detail of the movies and it is possible to connect it to Bluetooth to transmit wirelessly from any device.

What I liked very much is that this sound bar has a universal remote control with which it is possible to control the bass module, the Bluetooth devices and the TV. And at the same time, all this is done with a single cable that goes to the television.

6. Sound Bar Samsung HW-K550 – Of the best for a very affordable price. RECOMMENDED!!

If you want to acquire one of the best TV sound bars of 2048, the Samsung HW-K550 deserves a mandatory mention when referring to the models belonging to the mid-range, since it offers the possibility of enjoying a product with a sound in HD quality and has other specifications of vital importance.

By making this sound bar you can enjoy the most watching movies, series, video games, sports games … And this Samsung model offers a power of 330W and its wireless connections can serve as the center of audio playback of other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

What is striking about this product is that it provides a wraparound effect worthy of praise and in turn the sound is exceptional, regardless of the type of stage.

7. Sony HTRT4 soundbar – Great volume power.

Get the authentic surround sound of cinema in your living room is not impossible, at least if you opt for the pack that offers this bar of sound for TV designed by Sony. The reason? Simple! The HT-RT4 has a subwoofer and two rear speakers that have the ability to recreate the auditory magic of movies when viewed from the big screen.

Its Dolby Digital audio quality and its multiple connections make it possible for you to completely update your visual entertainment at home, as well as its Bluetooth and NFC wireless technology, allowing you to pair your mobile device so you can listen to your favorite music through surround sound .

With its Premium design and finish, the Sony HT-RT4 bar provides 5.1-channel surround sound and Dolby Digital quality to recreate an exceptional environment.

Similarly, the level of clarity is higher than the offers with basic benefits.

8. Sound bar Samsung Sound + HW-MS650 – Of the best in the current market.

Integrating up to nine speakers (each with its own amplifier), the Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar is one of the relics of the market, as it boasts a Distortion Cancellation technology. Without a doubt it is the ideal option to accompany your 4K TV, thanks to the fact that it allows the passage of HDR and 4K signals.

So that you are convinced that it is worth paying the price, this model of the South Korean brand also offers Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi to stream from our terminal (smartphone or tablet). It really is a fairly complete sound bar with unbeatable audio quality that will not leave you indifferent.

This bar boasts a compact design with a brushed aluminum finish. However, it grants an extraordinary quality of sound, causing the sensation that we are before a high fidelity speaker.

Recommendations to buy the best sound bar.

Due to the variety of sound bars for TV that are offered in the market, it is reasonable that manufacturers try to differentiate their models by means of different functions, features or designs that catch the attention of users interested in this type of products.

Although these devices are not only designed to enjoy a good home theater, they are also ideal if you are a video game lover, since the sound bars provide a greater immersion in the game by optimizing the way you appreciate their hearing effects .

But … we must admit that the industry overwhelms you with so many models and brands that can make the election process very difficult. Therefore, we share a series of recommendations so that you have a better idea of ​​which product to choose among the options that we gather in this post.

Define the specifications you are looking for. If you are determined to buy a sound bar, it is important that you ask yourself these series of questions: what is my budget? Do I want to have support to install it on the wall? I want it to be installed only on my TV or in other equipment? With what power do I need it? This will help you define the specifications you are looking for.

Pay attention to the design. Maybe it is an aspect that many ignore, but keep in mind that if you own a curved TV it is also important to opt for a curved bar that congenies with TV, for example. Now, if you do not want the cables to give an unpleasant appearance to the room, it is best to choose a bar with Bluetooth.

Set the size Not all the sound bars have the same dimensions, so you must take into account the place where you have planned to place the device and make sure it is the right one for the television.

Of system 2.1 or superiors. In general, these devices have a 2.1 system, so considering the design, this is enough to get a quality stereo sound, whether to listen to music, watch TV or movies. All the options that we analyze in this guide comply with the standards that are required to enjoy a great experience.

However, there are some that incorporate subwoofer to offer higher quality, such as the Philips HTL2163B / 12 sound bar and the Sony HT-MT300 that are affordable models and offer features that do not have much to envy to other more advanced equipment.

Power or sound quality? That a bar has good power does not imply that its sound is of quality, that is, that it provides excellent treble, bass, balance …

But, in the market it is possible to find bars that balance these two aspects, for example: the Samsung models, the HTRT4 and the HW-K550 , although there are other cheaper proposals that do it like the LG LAS260B , the Philips HTL2163B / 12 and the Sony HT-MT300 .

Connectivity The most usual is that users opt for sound bars for TV with HDMI connection, as well as an input or auxiliary line RCA or 3.5 mm jack and Wi-Fi and USB connection.

However, these features are typical of more advanced models, for many people it is enough to have Bluetooth such as Joly Joy and LG LAS260B, which allow you to listen to music from your mobile phone or tablet through this type of connectivity.

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Best gamers chairs of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide.




I declare myself a multifaceted person who can not be without doing anything. Any time is good to exercise, play electric guitar , clean the house … and when I just want to relax I feel to enjoy video games.

And it’s not that I feel for a few minutes, I spend hours playing in front of my PC until I can not anymore. This even made me suffer from severe back pain.

So I had to find a solution: buy a gamer chair. I have been able to try several and the truth is that these products are very friendly for fans like me.

But choosing the best gamer chair is not so easy, so I have created a guide to help you buy the model that best suits your needs. Pay attention!

1. TecTake Racing Chair – Offers very comfortable armrests.

I did not believe in love at first sight until I saw this Tectake Racing. Believe me, it’s one of those gamers chairs that you love from the start.

Yes, the sporty look of this chair falls in love once you look at it. But do not think that this model is pure appearance, it is also equipped with an extra thick padding and an ergonomic design that will make you feel super comfortable while you play.

What I like most about this TecTake model is not its sporty and luxurious look, but its safety gas compression spring for you to play in complete confidence.

And to make you feel even safer while you play, this chair comes with five secure double wheels. Is not it great?

Another feature that I value a lot of this chair is its adjustable tilt system without phases. This will allow you to adapt it to your taste and enjoy it comfortably.

Definitely this model provides greater comfort than traditional chairs, all thanks to an ergonomic surface on the seat and backrest.

Of course, this TecTake Racing will not only be perfect for you to enjoy the gamer world, but it is also ideal for you to work from the comfort of your office.

What else could I tell you? Well, that is the cheap chair that every gamer would like to have at home. I would never tire of recommending it.

2. IntimaTe WM Heart – Supports up to 120 kg of weight.

If you are one of those who spend hours playing in front of the console or the PC, I recommend the IntimaTe WM Heart even with blindfolded eyes, because I have already tried it and it is wonderful.

This is a chair that is specially designed for the staunchest fans of the gamer world.

Well, it has a very ergonomic design and is made of stainless steel, which – of course – allows it to support up to 120 kilograms of weight.

The IntimaTe WM Heart also comes with a high lumbar support that helps keep your spine aligned, while providing support to your lower back, even allowing you to keep your neck in the proper position.

It really is a model that helps you maintain the well-being of the body in general. I have no doubt, this chair gamer is perfect to play for hours.

But … the benefits offered by this chair do not end here, your forearms include pads that add more comfort when playing.

And as an added value, this model can be easily adjusted by just swinging it forward or backward.

Being honest, I think the IntimaTe WM Heart is an option that you can not rule out when making your choice and, the best thing is that you can buy it at an incredible price.

3. IntimaTe WM Heart Racing – Exceleonte design for a low price.

No matter how demanding you are at the time of playing, I am sure that if you opt for the IntimaTe Racing WM Heart you will be fascinated.

The first time you use it you will notice that this gamer chair is located above the other models that we have been analyzing previously.

It is super comfortable, easy to assemble and offers more advanced functions, all for a price that, sincerely, is hard to believe.

One of the features that most like this chair is the material with which it is made. Well, its made of artificial leather, which will make you feel comfortable at all times, even after playing for hours.

The height of this model can be adjusted between 45 and 53 cm above the ground. If you ask me to talk about his directionality, I must tell you that he is able to move in any direction.

And this without telling you that you can also play on it as if you were sitting on an aircraft, thanks to which you can lean backwards.

You will not have any problem if you are a heavyweight gamer, since this chair can support up to 120 kg. This is good news for the fattest ones.

In my opinion, you can not ask for more from this gamer chair. If you ask me why, the answer is simple: its price perfectly matches the quality of its functions.

4. Songmics OBG28B – With reclining backrest up to 120º

The OBG28B of Songmics is a chair that I highly recommend for gamers who have a more refined style. Just look at its design and you’ll know what I mean: it’s very, very elegant.

Maybe it’s worth saying, but thanks to its appearance this is a chair that looks great in an office environment.

For me, this model of Songmics is one of the most ergonomic I know. One point that you will value is that it is quite helpful, because its design makes you adopt the correct posture while you play or work.

It combines utility and comfort in a perfect way. Well it has a well padded seat and back that comes with a high quality sponge.

Speaking of its support, I must say that it deserves a special mention, since it can be tilted up to 120º.

As for its seat, it is upholstered with extra-thick sponge filling that gives it elasticity and greater resistance to deformation.

Now, if you check the bottom, you will find robust wheels that convey a feeling of durability like no other.

And … there is more! It is also capable of rotating 360º and its height and inclination can be adjusted to your liking. It really is a chair wonder. If I were you, I would not hesitate to have her at home.

5. LANGRIA Racing gamer chair – It has a footrest and lumbar cushion.

The growth of the world of video games has meant that Langria – the well-known brand of office chairs – has also been mounted on the train of gamers’ chairs.

This Racing model is the purest proof of what I say, and how Langria has entered this sector. Well, at first glance, this chair creates the impression that it was made to fascinate any gamer.

And how not to say, if it has a fairly authentic design with a certain air of a large office armchair, and its red strips give it a seat style of racing cars.

Although, not only has an exclusive design, it is also very comfortable and transmits an exceptional sense of security even when you tilt it almost horizontally.

Its office chair type design makes it a slightly wide model, but also guarantees comfort and safety while you play.

This gamer chair from Langria supports up to 120 kilograms and to provide greater comfort, it includes a footrest that will allow you to enjoy a game experience almost lying down.

Of course, apart from its padded footrest also includes a lumbar cushion to spend hours sitting without experiencing discomfort or pain. It is the perfect chair!

For each of the benefits offered by the Langria Racing, I dare say is not far from being the best gamer chair, yes, within the medium-high range category.

6. Newskill Takamikura Coal – Similar to sports car seats.

The first thing that I should highlight about this model is that its exclusive leather lining with carbon texture has turned the Newskill Takamikura into my favorite gamer chair.

Yes, this is the chair that I chose to play from home. Every time I sit in it I have the feeling that I am sitting in a high-competition sports car.

This is super cool because I am a racing video game enthusiast, and when I play I explore a more realistic immersive feeling. I had to say it, I could not keep it.

Not only did I fall in love with the Newskill Takamikura because of the emotions it makes me feel, but also because of its adjustable backrest and seat that you can regulate to your liking.

It is also unavoidable not to mention that its backrest offers a 90º to 180º route, and its seat can be tilted and fixed in different positions.

As for its ability to support weight, this chair withstands up to 150 kg without any problem, thanks to its base and reinforced wheels that give it greater strength.

Telling you to buy it for the simple fact that it is my favorite, would be unprofessional, but the truth is that one of the best gamers that I have tried.

7. Arozzi Vernazza – Of the best in the market.

We all have a gamer friend who invites you to his house to play, right? And thanks to that partner sometimes we ended up discovering some things that we did not even imagine. That’s how I got to know this spectacular chair by the Arozzi brand.

I confess that before I started playing with my friend, I knew that I was facing a very special gamer chair. At first I thought it was an Italian brand, but I got a big surprise, it turned out to be a model of Swedish manufacture.

The first thing I will say about the Vernazza is that it has a frame with a quality that surpasses each of the models that I have analyzed in this post (including my favorite chair).

I do not exaggerate, you do not need to sit on it to know that it has been manufactured with very high-grade materials. It has been designed to support up to 159 kg.

So this Arozzi model is one of the most resistant gamers chairs on the market today.

Of course, this is not the only feature that makes it one of the elite chairs of the gamer world, we must also add that it offers a comfort that will make you feel like God in Olympus.

You can adjust it to your liking, it is easy to assemble, it is not noisy, its design is solid, it really has everything.

In short, the Vernazza is the best in gamers chairs. Do I tell you a decree? I’m thinking of buying it in the future.

Best gamer chair 2018 (Recommended)

I think that to go into the matter, first I must tell you not to be fooled by those models that have a futuristic appearance.

Many times these picturesque chairs leave aside the most important factors such as weight capacity, neck support and regulation mechanisms.

Having this point clear, let’s start talking about the models that offer good functions for their price range.

Do you want a cheap gamer chair that offers basic functions, but that guarantees a healthy posture? Well, I recommend you buy the TecTake Racing or IntimaTe WM Heart models that I will analyze later.

Although, following this range, I also really like the Songmics OBG28B , an option with more advanced features and that does not exceed 100 euros.

In case you are willing to invest more to acquire a higher quality chair, the LANGRIA Racing or the N ewskill Takamikura Coal are good options.

Now if you want the best of the best, the Arozzi Vernazza is perfect, as it has the ability to support the heavier gamers and is a guarantee of strength and durability.

Recommendations to choose the best gamer chair.

Although I have shared the best gamer chairs on the market, the idea is that you choose the best model, that is, the one that best suits your tastes or needs.

Therefore, before buying, you should always look at different factors such as the colors of the chair to match your room.

But, as is to be expected, this is not the most relevant component when it comes to choosing. Below I explain the most important elements you should consider before buying a gamer chair:

Ergonomic design . The most important point in a gamer chair is that it can cover your back and your head well, and also adapt to the shape of your body.

Having this clear, I recommend that you opt for an option that has a solid and stable structure, but that is not overly robust either.

In the case of the chairs analyzed in this post, all stand out for their ergonomic designs that fit the body and natural movements of users.

Cushions and armrests. Additional details like a small and solid cushion for the lower area of ​​the back or the head, are aspects that you should never ignore.

Of course, it will always be better than taking the sofa cushion and placing it behind the back.

Another of the pieces that many do not pay enough attention are the armrests. But the truth is that it has an important role, since they help to relax the area of ​​the shoulders and back.

With this you can surely imagine that it is best to opt for adjustable chairs. Why? The ideal is that the elbow forms a right angle of 90º when sitting in front of the PC or the television.

The options with this system are the Songmics OBG28B and the Newskill Takamikura Coal . The latter has adjustable 4D armrests and padded.

The height of the chair. Considering the height and distance that you are on the screen, always look at the dimensions of the chair, that is, if it fits your size.

Do not forget that the feet and knees have to form 90º angles to avoid long-term discomfort.

Weight capacity . This is a very important factor, especially if you are a person who weighs 130 kilograms. Not all gamer chairs are capable of supporting this weight.

If you do not pay attention to this detail and opt for a model that is not very resistant, the regulation mechanism will end up yielding rapidly.

Which model do I choose if I am a super heavyweight? I recommend the Arozzi Vernazza or if you want to save more money buy the Newskill Takamikura Coal .

Material . I am one of those gamers who sweats a lot while I play and, for not choosing models made with quality materials, I have lost a few chairs.

So, based on my experience, I advise you to opt for a chair made of quality materials to last a long time.

To conclude with this guide, I want to end by saying that the best gamer chair is one that adapts to your tastes, but also that you avoid possible discomfort or back injuries. Never forget this.


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